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Is a scientific departments at the Institute of Liver  Menoufia University and taught for 32 students from graduate students master the first part of the Master students liver medical and liver in children and liver surgery

In the department, faculty members are as follows: - Number 2 Assistant Professor and prepare scientific lessons number 1 Assistant Lecturer - 2 Teaching Assistant

The department teaches lectures in runway is equipped with a projector and screen display and the runway accommodate 35 students

The section on the microbiological laboratory and viruses, which are given a lesson in the practical part of it as well is all the work of viral and bacterial analysis of patients in a hospital by the National Liver Institute has


Faculty members have participated department and number 2 in the quality of performance achievements made by viruses Department and Microbiology and Immunology during the academic year business studies A'ea- System Project The department teaches a substance viruses and Microbiology and Immunology for students of Master's first liver medicine part medicine liver in children and liver surgery Supervising Messages 

Dr.Enas Ghonim

Head of Microbiology Department

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